Math fun learn to count 2


Math fun learn to count 2

Math fun learn to count - level 2

This is a series of worksheets for practicing various ways to add and count.

Four difficulty levels

There are 4 difficulty levels in all. This one is level 2, with exercises that are similar but slightly more challenging than those from level-1.

Each level is slightly more challenging than the previous. The same exercises feature in each the first 3 levels (level 4 has a different set of more challenging exercises), but there are different tactics to make the exercises more challenging as you progress through the levels. This might include using higher numbers, more multiples or the removal of the multi-choice options, etc.

Two variations - similar exercises versus compendium

For each of the 4 levels, there are 2 versions of the product to choose from. The first version has 12 similar exercises on each worksheet, with a total of around 24-26 different exercises/worksheets altogether to choose from.

In the compendium version, each worksheet has 12 exercises that differ from each other. The 12 exercises per worksheet are a random group of 12 taken from the 24-26 in the series altogether. There are two dozen versions of the randomised compendium worksheets, so no two students need share the same set of exercises.

Four currencies

Each product has 4 currency versions to choose from, since some of the exercises involve the counting of coins. Choose the most appropriate currency version for your region:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Canada

Level 1 exercises

the following types of exercises are featured in this level 1 version:

  1. Count the colored blocks.
  2. Add up all the sides from both shapes.
  3. Count the number of times the lines cross.
  4. Count the number of semi-circles you can see.
  5. Count the triangles (including the overlapping ones).
  6. Solve the sums and add up the resulting numbers.
  7. Count the blocks in the specific colored columns.
  8. Solve the Numeracy word problem.
  9. Decide which object is heaviest.
  10. Count the perfect squares (including the overlapping ones).
  11. Solve the Numeracy word problem to determine how many ice-creams to share.
  12. Write the next number in the sequence.
  13. Solve the Numeracy word problem.
  14. Count the dots.
  15. Figure out how many perfect circles you can make with the semi-circles and quarter-circles.
  16. Write the count number in the box provided.
  17. Figure out how many cubes are present.
  18. Figure out how much money is displayed.
  19. Add up the dots on all the dice.
  20. Solve the numeracy word problem.
  21. Solve the sum using the n umber line.
  22. Count the equal parts of the object.
  23. Identify the odd-one-out.
  24. Solve the geometric word problem.

Other versions

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Similar questions per worksheet, Compendium of randomised questions per worksheet


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