Matching puzzles worksheets


Matching puzzles worksheets

Matching puzzles worksheets

These self-checking math & matching puzzle worksheets games are a fun way to introduce a range of new concepts.

How does it work?

Simply print out the puzzle onto card (or paper - optionally laminate for durability). Cut out the two rectangles and then cut through the dotted lines on the lower rectangle. The resulting puzzle pieces can then be re-assembled on the upper card by matching the correct puzzle piece to the correct place on the card. In assembling the pieces of the puzzle, by matching the various pieces to the correct place on the card, the student is making the associations and learning the new concept.

What's included?

There are numerous categories of puzzle to choose from, with one, two or three different puzzles (in ascending levels of difficult) in each category:

  • Addition (x3)
  • Subtraction (x3)
  • Multiplication (x3)
  • Division (x3)
  • Coins (x3)
  • 2D shapes (x3)
  • Time (x3)
  • Dice (x3)
  • Numbers in words (x2)
  • Shapes as fractions (x3)
  • Vehicles (x1)
  • Things that fly (x1)
  • Colors (x2)
  • Next in sequence (x3)
  • Monuments (x2)
  • Counting fingers (x2)
  • Fruit (x1)

Ideal for distance learning with the aid of a parent!

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