Multiplication Fact Triangles Worksheets


Multiplication Fact Triangles Worksheets

Multiplication Fact Triangles Worksheets

Fun way to learn multiplication and division. Complete the triangle of numbers and solve all the equations. This fun series of multiplication fact triangles worksheets provides a visually stimulating and interesting means to get kids practicing their math skills. This series tackles multiplication and division.

As with all Bounce Learning Kids worksheets, they start out easier and become progressively more challenging as you progress through the series, so there's always something for all students regardless of their ability.

How does it work?

For each fact triangle, there are 3 numbers presented. The number at the top of the triangle is a result of the two others numbers being multiplied together. This means that the each of the bottom numbers is the result of the top number being divided one or other of the two bottom numbers. This results in four permutations of sums that can be created - two multiplication sums and two division sums. For each fact triangle, each of the four sums must be completed. Some numbers are already provided, so you just have to complete the missing ones.

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