Number snake worksheets


Number snake worksheets

Number snake worksheets

Have fun with these engaging number snake worksheets and practice mental arithmetic sums along the way.

How does it work?

Solve all the math equations to complete all the numbers as you snake around the grid. Follow the direction of the arrows and pay attention to the operator.

Difficulty levels

Sheets range from simple to complex with some covering addition and subtraction while others cover addition, subtraction, multiplication & division:

  • Grid 01: Addition (numbers up to 10)
  • Grid 02: Addition (numbers up to 25)
  • Grid 03: Addition & subtraction (numbers up to 50)
  • Grid 04: Addition & subtraction (numbers up to 100)
  • Grid 05: Multiplication & division (numbers up to 50)
  • Grid 06: Multiplication & division (numbers up to 100)
  • Grid 07: Multiplication & division (numbers up to 1000)
  • Grid 08: All 4 operators (numbers up to 35)
  • Grid 09: All 4 operators (numbers up to 50)
  • Grid 10: All 4 operators (numbers up to 100)
  • Grid 11: All 4 operators (numbers up to 1000)

Black & white & color

For convenience, each worksheet is included twice - one is full color and the other is a specially created black & white version.

Answers included

As an added bonus, each worsheet has a companion answers sheet which shows what the completely number snake worksheet should look like. This makes it easy to cross-check who has completed the snake correctly.

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