Perimeters worksheets


Perimeters worksheets

Perimeters worksheets

Calculate the length of all the outside edges with these perimeters worksheets.

How does it work?

Each worksheet presents 8 forms, constructed from blocks or other geometric shapes. Work out the total perimeter length of each object, or group of objects.

Difficulty levels

The worksheets start off simple, with a few blocks of 1x1 units. The objects are constructed using these 1x1 blocks. As you progress through the worksheets, they become progressively more challenging. The following shapes are featured:

  • Combinations of 1x1 blocks
  • Trapezoids
  • Parallelograms
  • Circles
  • Circles portions

Answers sheet

An answers sheet is included, so you can easily see which students have obtained the correct answers at a glace.

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Imperial (inches), Metric (centimeters)

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