Weights and scales worksheets


Weights & scales – balance beam

Weights and scales worksheets

Look at the balance beam (set of weights and scales worksheets) and determine what the beam will do. Which side is heaviest or will the beam balance evenly?

What's included?

There are two types of task cards in this product.

  • The first 5 depict a set of scales with a fulcrum (pivot point) dead center of the beam and with a range of weights on either side. The beam will either fall to the left, fall to the right or remain evenly balanced. Just indicate which of those three options.
  • The second set of 5 worksheets depicts the same type of balance beam and weights but this time the fulcrum is off-center.To determine whether the beam will fall to the left, right or remain evenly balanced, you have to identify how much weight in on each end AND how far it is from the pivot point.


  • Imperial units (lbs)
  • Metric units (kgs)

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Imperial (lbs), Metric (kgs)

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