Wordsearch worksheets

This is a series of classic themed wordsearch worksheets will create hours of entertainment. Each one is slightly more challenging than the last with ever increasing grid sizes and ever increasing numbers of words to be found.

How it works

Every wordsearch puzzle has a specific theme to all the words to be found. Find all the words and then use the unused letters to reveal a hidden mystery word or phrase. Can you find them all?

The word search puzzles feature the following grid sizes and themes:

Theme Grid size Words to find
Animals 5x5 6
Things in the kitchen 5x5 6
Colors 6x6 8
Modes of transport 6x6 8
Shapes 7x7 10
Parts of your body 7x7 10
Articles of clothing 8x8 12
Relative positions 8x8 11
Numbers 9x9 15
Countries of the world 9x9 13
Thing relating to school 10x10 18
Things relating to music 10x10 17
Sporting activities 11x11 17
African animals 11x11 19
Capital cities of the world 12x12 21
Things that grow (plants, fruits, etc.) 12x12 23
Occupations 13x13 29
Emotions 13x13 29
Things you find in the seas & oceans 14x14 37
Things you find in the air or sky 15x15 36
Words with double M (mm) 16x16 30
Words with double o (oo) 16x16 35

Answers sheets included

Answers sheets show eahc grid completed with the mystery words revealed.

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