Contractions puzzles

Which two words join together to make a contraction?

How it works

Simply cut out all the square contractions puzzles, cutting through all the thick black lines.

Each square puzzle consists of three puzzle pieces. The top piece is the contraction. The bottom two pieces are the two words that join to form that contractio.

Each three-piece square puzzle represents a single contraction and is unique, so only the correct contraction combinations will fit together.

Just jumble up all the pieces and have fun putting the puzzles together…learning how to make the contractions in the process.

Resources included

This comprehensive resource includes the following:

  • 30 printable worksheets
  • 14 full-color versions
  • 14 B/W versions
  • 1 reference sheet with all contration puzzles printed on a single at-a-glance sheet (full-color & B/W)


Suitable for grades 1-4

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