Counting Canadian coins

Using photo-realistic images of Canadian coins, this series of products assists kids in getting to grips with basic money concepts and counting money.

Grades indication 3-5


Section 1 (9 worksheets):

Depicts various piles of Canadian coins in various amounts and quantities. Add up the total value of all the coins depicted. Some worksheets have piles of individual coins, some have piles or 2 or more different coins, some 3 or more different coins, etc.

Section 2 (4 worksheets):

Several different types of coins are depicted in a row along with a target value. Circle the appropriate combination of coins that add up to the target value. With each successive worksheet, the number of coins increases, making it harder and harder to find the correct combination to reach the target value.

Section3 (6 worksheets):

Several piles of coins are depicted, each of which adds up to a different value. Study each of the 4 piles of coins and answer each of the 6 questions:

  • Which pile has the most money?
  • Which piles has the least money?
  • Which pile has a specific amount of money?
  • Which 2 piles add together to make a specific amount?
  • Which pile has a total value between the two specified values?
  • What do all four files of money add up to?

Ideal for distance learning – no prep required! All worksheets have a place for the student’s name, the date and their score.

BONUS: Answer sheets included!



Simply click on all the coins that together add up to the amount shown. Each card in this BOOM virtual learning deck depicts a row of all the current Canadian coins. The order of the coins is randomised. On each card there is a target value which can be created using a specific combination of the coins presented. Click on all the coins that collectively add up to the target value in Canadian dollars and cents.

Featuring photo-realistic images of the following Canadian coins:

  • 10¢
  • 25¢
  • $1
  • $2

Using these 6 coins, there are 57 unique permutations. All 57 are represented in this deck in random order.

Each time a slide is shown, the 6 coins are shown in a random order.

Select as few or as many of these randomised slides as you need for your students.


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