Crossword Jigsaw

The crossowrd puzzle wiht a twist. There are no clues and the crossowrd puzzle is already solved! All you have to do is to reveal what it looks like.

How it works

A completed crossword puzzle has been broken up into blocks which in turn have been randomized on the page. Simply reconstruct the original crossword puzzle by figuring out where each block fits into the empty grid.

Every block has its own unique place. Only when all the blocks are in the correct place will the original crossword puzzle be revealed.

There are no crossword puzzle clues to help you, so you have to figure out which words can be created using only the 2×2 block segments of letters. However, each crossword puzzle is themed – all the words are in some way associated with each other. Figure that out and this will help you identify the missing words.

The first few Crossword Jigsaw puzzles have a few blocks already filled in to help get you going. After that, you’re on your own – and good luck, as these puzzles are challenging!

There are 3 different grid sizes:

  • 20 puzzle grids of 4×6
  • 20 puzzle grids of 6×8
  • 20 puzzle grids of 8×10

After every 10 pages of Crossword Jigsaw puzzles, there are a couple of different puzzles and games to make completing the book more interesting.

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