Fraction Codes

Find the correct letter that matches each fraction. Do this for every letter to reveal the hidden mystery codes.

How it works

This isn’t just a simple puzzle activities book. It’s a teaching aid for learning fractions as well as vocabulary building.

Each code is a series of words. The letters of each word are represented by a particular fraction. Using the key at the top of the page, find the letter associated with the fraction and write it into the box. Do this for every letter on the row until the entire code is revealed.

The first 40 Fraction Codes puzzle pages feature shorter and more common words. Also, the letters and their associated fractions in the key are in a predictable order: halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, etc.

From page 49, the Fraction Codes are considerably more challenging. There is no longer any order or predictability as to where to find the correct fraction in the key. Also, the words that comprise the codes are more challenging – longer words, less common words, more words with less intuitive spellings, etc.

After every 10 pages of Fraction Codes, there are a couple of different puzzles and games to make completing the book more interesting.

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