Gender Nouns

Practice associating gender nouns with these male female worksheets. From the words listed, identify which gender nouns match with each other.

Grades indication k-2


18 printable worksheets

The first couple of worksheets present a range of both male and female word forms all mixed together for the student to circle (one sheet for male and one for female).

The next section of sheets depicts various female word forms and male word forms with the idea being that the student should draw a line between the two appropriate opposite word forms.

10 sheets have 3 groupings of 3 word pairs on a page. 4 sheets have 2 groupings of 6 word pairs on a page for a bit more of a challenge.



34 BOOM Learning cards

Gender Nouns is a fun series of BOOM distance learning cards to help learn the association between male (masculine) and female (feminine) word forms.

The first two cards present a series of both male and female word forms and you are asked to find either the male or female words – 1 card for finding male words and 1 card for finding female words.

The rest of the deck consists of cards where there are some words presented in male or female word forms, or a combination of both, and you have to drag the corresponding word that matches into the adjacent box. If the word is ‘mother’, for example, then you drag the word ‘father’ to the box next to it to complete the pair, and so on.

The deck gets progressively more challenging with 3 levels of difficulty:

  • 2 cards each with a range of either masculine or feminine gender nouns.
  • 14 cards each with 3 word pairs to be found with each word being color-coded to identify whether it is the male or female form.
  • 10 cards each with 4 word pairs to be found, but this time with no color-coding to assist.
  • 8 cards each with 5 word pairs to be found, but this time there are additional spare or extraneous words on the card which are not part of any of the desired word pairs. This makes it a bit more challenging, by providing more choices from which to form the word pairs.


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