Hex Words

Hex Words is a crossword-like word puzzle in which every 6-letter solution interconnects with those around it.

How it works

Each puzzle grid consists of a number of clues with space for 6 letters around them. Try to figure out what 6-letter word best fits each clue and write that word around it, starting on the space with the triangle and proceeding clockwise.

Since there are some letters between words that are common, only the correct solutions for every clue on the page will result in you being able to complete the grid.

Puzzle grids become more challenging as you progress throughout the book. The first 40 puzzle grids each consist of 16 clues. Then there are 8 puzzle grids with 25 clues. The last two puzzle grids consist of 36 clues each.

After every 10 pages of Hex Words puzzles, there are a couple of different puzzles and games to make completing the book more interesting.

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