Kakuro is like a crossword puzzle but with numbers. A sudoku-like sentation, these Kakuro puzzles require logic and very basic addition skills to solve. They’ll keep you head-scratching for hours on end.

How it works

Each Kakuro grid has blank spaces into each of which a number must be placed from 1-9. Numbers at the left end or top of each row or column of consecutive cells indicates how much the numbers in those cells add up to. If a row has 3 cells, and the sum figure is 6, then we know that those three numbers must be 1, 2 & 3, since there are no other combinations of three unique numbers that add up to 6.

Using observation skills and pure logic, complete each grid. Every Kakuro grid has but a single unique solution.

As with ALL Bounce Learning Kids puzzle books, this puzzle book is interspersed with dozens of other fun puzzles and games.

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