Making words

Form as many news words as you can using only the letters from the indicated word.

Suitable for grades 1-4


How does it work?

Each worksheet has a single word at the top. Try to find as many words as you can using ONLY the letters from that one word. Space is provided for 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter and 7-letter solutions that you can find. You score points for each word you can find, with higher points awarded for longer words:

  • 4-letter words: 1 point each
  • 5-letter words: 2 points each
  • 6-letter words: 4 points each
  • 7-letter words: 7 points each

See who can score the most points!

There is one worksheet for each letter of the alphabet, where the starting word begins with that letter.

BONUS: An additional worksheets is provided with the word ‘ANGRIEST’, as this word results in a very high number of possible anagrams – see the last answers sheet for all the potential words to be found from that one word.

Answers sheets provided

All possible solutions have already been found for each of the featured words on all the worksheets for you. These are noted in the answers sheets, so you can cross-check the answers found against the various answers lists. All age-inappropriate words have been removed from the answers lists.


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