Money words

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a value. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. Find the total value for a given word or find the word that is represented by a given value.

How it works

This is a fun series of worksheets that really get the students thinking and doing mental arithmetic. There are 5 worksheets for 3-letter words, 5 for 4-letter words, 5 for 5-letter words and 5-for 6-lrtter words.

Worksheets #1, #2 & #3 for each represented number of letters are similar. The student has to determine the total value of each of the 10 words (samples are provided to help illustrate what the student has to do). The words are specifically chosen to ensure that each letter of the alphabet is represented at least once somewhere.

Worksheet #4 shows two words. The idea is for the student to work out the total value of each of the two words and then to subtract the one value from the others, so this adds a bit more or a math challenge.

Worksheet #5 is much more of a challenge. Instead of just adding up the values for each letter, the student is presented with a value and they have to try to find as many words as possible that represent that value. This is deceptively simple to understand but fiendishly challenging.

Comprehensive answers sheets included

Fortunately, I’ve added answers sheets for all questions. I’ve also programmatically solved each of the challenges from each worksheet #5. Every word in the standard dictionary has been checked for its corresponding value according to the 1-26 scale. Every word that matches the target value is listed in the answers sheet, so you’ll easily be able to check the answers.

Bonus content

As an added bonus for subscribers, I have included an Excel spreadsheet that has the calculated values for every word in the entire dictionary!


Grades indication k-3

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