Word Cross

Like a regular crossword puzzle but with a twist. With Word Cross, you are trying to find the vertical word down the middle.

How it works

Use the clues to solve each of the horizontally stacked words. One letter from each word on the stack forms a part of the vertical word down the middle (highlighted in gray). This is the word you are trying to identify.

Every number represents a particular letter. So if, for example, a letter A appears in a square labelled with number 5, then you can fill in A for all other squares with number 5. The more horizontal words you can solve, the easier the puzzle becomes, as you will have revealed more letters elsewhere on the grid, which in turn helps you to identify those words also.

Each Word Cross puzzle has a particular theme. Once you figure out what the theme is, that will help you further.

After every 10 pages of Fraction Codes, there are a couple of different puzzles and games to make completing the book more interesting.

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