Algebra 3a worksheets


Algebra 3a worksheets
Basic introduction to algebra practice questions

Algebra 3a worksheets: multi-choice

Basic addition & subtraction algebra practice task cards with 12 questions sheet and 72 questions altogether. Ideal for regular as well as special education (special ed.).

Basic algebra questions on each worksheet are presented in one of the following forms:

  • a + b = x
  • a - b = x
  • a + x = b
  • a - x = b
  • x + a = b
  • x - a = b

These are multi-choice task cards with 4 answers to choose from for each question.

This is an excellent set of practice questions for those being introduced to algebra. The difficulty of the sums is relatively low with numbers in the 1-20 range

Ideal for distance learning - no prep required!

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