Crossword Numbers worksheets 8×8


Crossword Numbers worksheets 8×8

Crossword Numbers worksheets 8x8

Crossword Numbers worksheets 8x8 is like doing a regular crossword but with numbers instead of words. This is an amazingly fun way to make math seem like play. The crossword 'clues' are math sums you have to complete in the grid itself. Work your way around the grid until all the sums are solved.

There are dedicated worksheet puzzles for each type of operator (+, -, x & ÷) as well as a bonus extra worksheet with mixed sums featuring a combination of all the operators.

BONUS: An answers sheet is also included to show you where all the numbers go.

What's included?

This set of puzzles feature 8x8 grids. Check out the other products in this range with different sized grids, which provide for a different challenge level. These 8x8 number puzzles feature:

  • 2-digit addition
  • 3-digit addition
  • 4-digit addition
  • 2-digit subtraction
  • 3-digit subtraction
  • 4-digit subtraction
  • 2-digit multiplication
  • 3-digit multiplication
  • 4-digit multiplication
  • 2-digit division
  • 3-digit division
  • 4-digit division

Other versions

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