Letter writing – style B (LET1VICMC)


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Contains 33 laminated A4 charts.

Visual learning chart

Durable A4 sized visual learning charts. Each chart is printed in hi-resolution and full vibrant colour on stiff 250g card stock and is laminated to all edges. Using an appropriate white-board marker, these charts can be written to and erased repeatedly. Suitable for class-room settings and can be handled safely by children. When not in use, these charts can be stuck to the bedroom or classroom wall (ideally at child's eye height) for maximum learning.


NOTE: The watermarks displayed on these charts are for web-site presentation only and are there solely to protect copyright and unauthorised reproductions of the legally protected proprietary artwork. The shipped product does not have the watermarks but remains legally protected and may not be photocopied or otherwise reproduced without express permission, such as under a school-wide site license agreement with Bounce Learning Kids. Contact us for more details.

Custom carry case

Comes with this FREE, very sturdy, clear, plastic carrying case, to help keep your charts organised.