Fraction puzzles worksheets with three variations


Fraction puzzles worksheets

Fraction puzzles worksheets

These fun and innovative fraction puzzles worksheets are a fun way to learn mixed fractions, proper fractions and improper fractions. Print each one out, cut through the thick black lines and you've created a set of fun puzzles to jumble up and reassemble.

There are 3 sets included. Each set contains the same 63 sheets, with each sheet containing 4 sets of 4-piece puzzles. This represents a total of 252 different fractions.

Types of fractions

Each individual 4-piece puzzle represents a particular fraction. Each fraction is represented in 4 different forms - 1 for each puzzle piece. The 4 fraction forms for each 4-piece puzzle are:

  • Mixed fraction
  • Proper fraction
  • Improper fraction
  • A graphic representing the fraction

The idea is to print (and optionally laminate) the puzzle sheets from the set most appropriate for your students, and cut out the fractions by cutting through all the thick black lines. Then jumble all the resulting pieces up. The game is now ready to play. Students can have fun putting the 4-piece puzzle sets back together again by finding the correct fraction forms and matching them with each other.


Although each of the 3 sets contain the same fractions, the sets are slightly different:

  • Set 1
    All the puzzle pieces are on a white background and the connections are the same shape for each puzzle piece. This means there are no clues from the shape of the puzzle pieces as to which fractions forms match together - you must rely on your understanding of fractions to figure it out. This makes it a little harder to 'solve' the puzzles.
  • Set 2
    Still on a white background, but this time the puzzle shapes are unique, so there's only one way for each 4-piece puzzle set to fit together. In other words, you can use the puzzle shapes to help match the 4 fraction forms together - an additional visual cue to help. By finding the right puzzle pieces that fit together, you also learn which fraction forms match.
  • Set 3
    Each 4-piece fraction puzzle set has a colored background depending on the denominator. For halves, the color is light blue, thirds are yellow, quarters are green, fifths are red, etc. The colors help to narrow down which pieces match together - again, a visual cue to help.

What's included?

In addition to the 60+ fraction puzzles worksheets are a few handy additional sheets:

  • Instructions sheet.
  • List of all the 252 fractions, identifying which document contains them (so you can easily find and re-print any).
  • A template sheet with the outline of the puzzle pieces from sets 1 & 3.
  • A template sheet with the outline of the puzzle pieces from set 2.

Ideal for distance learning - no prep required! Just print, cut, jumble and play!

Each page contains 4 fraction puzzles is presented as an individual JPG file, but there is also a single PDF document that contains all the the pages from each set together, so you have the best of both worlds to choose from.

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