Crossword Math worksheets


Crossword Math worksheets

Crossword Math worksheets

Crossword math worksheets are like doing a regular crossword but with numbers instead of words. This is an amazingly fun way to make math seem like play. The crossword 'clues' are math sums you have to complete in the grid itself.

The concept is very simple. Solve one math sum in order to solve the next that joins to it. Work your way around the grid until all the sums are solved.

Once the entire grid is filled, put the select highlighted numbers into the grid below to solve the bonus math equation at the bottom for a bit of extra fun. Alternatively, solve that puzzle first to help find numbers that you can use to cross-check you got the answers to the main clues correct.

Multiple skill levels

All skills and confidence levels are catered for throughout the 34 sheets in the series. The first sheets are relatively simple but they do get progressively much more challenging.

All math operators used

There are dedicated worksheet puzzles for each type of operator (+, -, x & /) as well as extra worksheet puzzles with sums that use a combination of all the operators.

Each puzzle worksheet has a twin with the same grid and the same solution but with a different compliment of numbers missing to begin with. The first of each twin is a much more challenging configuration with the second a bit easier (fewer sums to solve, easier to find solutions, etc.).

There are 3 levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced mental arithmetic skills.

Answers included

Don't worry, there are answers sheets to show you where all the numbers go as well as the full list of every sum represented on every sheet. You can use these to easily identify which students are at the right level for which sheets.

Suitable for printing is color as well as B/W.

Ideal for distance learning - no prep required!

Other versions

Check out all the other versions of the Crossword math printable worksheets range:

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