Crossword Math 2 worksheets


Crossword Math 2 worksheets

Crossword Math 2 worksheets

Crossword math 2 worksheets is like doing a regular crossword but with numbers instead of letters. This is an amazingly fun way to make math seem like play. The crossword puzzle 'clues' are math sums. Solve each math sum clue and place the resulting number into the appropriate space on the crossword math puzzle grid. When you have solved all the 'clues' and completed the puzzle grid, put the select highlighted numbers into the grid below to solve the final math equation at the bottom for a bit of extra fun. Alternatively, solve that puzzle first to help find numbers that you can use to cross-check you got the answers to the main clues correct.

What's included?

The crossword math 2 worksheets are in pairs and include the following:

  • 2 sheets with addition sums
  • 2 sheets with subtraction sums.
  • 2 sheets with multiplication sums.
  • 2 sheets with division sums.
  • 2 sheets with a random mix of all four types of sums.

Don't worry, there's a clear answers sheet to show you where all the numbers go.

Other versions

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