Mystery picture math worksheets


Mystery picture math worksheets

Mystery picture math worksheets

These mystery picture math worksheets are a fun way to disguise math as a fun game. Solve the math problems on the worksheets to reveal the mystery picture.

How does it work?

Each sum on the worksheet results in a number which is then filled in on a 10x10 grid of numbers from 1-100. Each additional sum solved results in another square being filled in on the answer sheet, slowly revealing a block image. When all the sums are solved, and all the correct numbers have been filled in, the mystery image is revealed.

Kids love the mystery of what the image will be, which makes working on the math problems that much more fun.

Variations available

There are 17 different mystery image products to choose from! With some, there are specific types of sums to solve, while others have a range of different types of sums to be solved. This way, you can select a product that best meets your specific students' needs.

The following seven products each feature a particular type of sum to be solved, such as all addition sums, or all subtraction sums, etc. There are ten different worksheet full of sums in each of these products, with each worksheet resulting in one of ten different mystery picture images:

  • Addition - easier (no re-grouping) - preview
  • Addition - harder (with re-grouping) - preview
  • Place value (with blocks of in groups of 10's and 1's) - preview
  • Place value (with 10's and 1's as numbers) - preview
  • Subtraction (from 100) - preview
  • Subtraction - easier (no re-grouping) - preview
  • Subtraction - harder (with re-grouping) - preview

With the following 10 products, there is a worksheet with sums of each of the above 7 types and where each of those sums worksheets produces one of the following mystery images:

Some sheets are duplicated, with one having sums presented horizontally and others vertically. This way, there's an option for whichever way your students are comfortable with.

Other products

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NOTE: The contents of the first 7 products are actually the same as the contents of the last 10 products - just divided up differently.

Additional information


EVERYTHING – all worksheets from the entire series, Addition – easier (no re-grouping), Addition – harder (with re-grouping), Place value (with blocks of in groups of 10's and 1's), Place value (with 10's and 1's as numbers), Subtraction (from 100), Subtraction – easier (no re-grouping), Subtraction – harder (with re-grouping), All sum types (Up arrow), All sum types (Question mark), All sum types (Heart), All sum types (Plus '+' & minus '-' signs), All sum types (Divide '÷' & multiply 'x' signs), All sum types (Diamond, or rotated square), All sum types (Hash '#' character), All sum types (Upper-case 'A' character), All sum types (Upper-case 'E' character), All sum types (The number one-hundred '100')

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