Word Ladder worksheets


Word ladder worksheets – change one letter to make a new word

Word Ladder worksheets

Change one letter from the 4-letter or 5-letter word each of these Word Ladder worksheets to make the next word. Keep the chain going all the way to the end. These Word Ladder worksheets start of easier but become progressively more challenging.

Word Ladder is a fun distance learning game and these task cards always spark a lot of discussion and cooperation between students as they try to find the correct words in the Ladder.

With the easier worksheets, there are cryptic or dictionary definitions by way of clues to help you solve the words. Work both forwards as well as backwards to find all the missing words.

What's included?

Included with this Word Ladder resource are the following puzzles:

  • 28 x 4-letter word ladders each with 4 words to find - clues included
  • 12 x 5-letter word ladders each with 5 words to find - clues included
  • 4 x 5-letter word ladders each with 4 words to find - no clues included
  • 2 x 4-letter word ladders chains each with 12 words to find and each with 3 intermediate words provided for help - no clues included
  • 1 x answers sheet with all the solutions provided in a handy and easy to read format

Other versions

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