Mystery Picture Math

These mystery picture math worksheets will provide endless hours of fun. Solve all the sums to reveal the hidden mystery image.

How it works

Inside each product, you’ll find a blank starting sheet with a 10-10 grid of numbers from 1-100. There are a number of math sums on each worksheet. When you solve a sum, the resulting number can be shaded on on the answers sheet. As a sum is ‘5 + 5′, then the answer would be ’10’, so you shade in the number 10.

Continue until all sums are solved and the mystery hidden image is revealed. That’s it!

What’s inside

Inside each product, there is an instructions sheet, a blank starting sheet and a number of worksheets to be completed.

Suitable for grades 1-4

Type 1 – similar math sums to solve

Each of the following 7 products includes 10 different mystery images to choose from. The math problems for each of the worksheets included in these 7 products are of the same type:

  • Addition (no regrouping)
  • Addition (with regrouping)
  • Place value (using visual blocks of 10s & 1s)
  • Place value (using 10s & 1s)
  • Subtraction (from 100)
  • Subtraction (no regrouping)
  • Subtraction (with regrouping)
Mystery Picture Math instructions

Addition (no regrouping)


Addition (with regrouping)


Place value (visual blocks)


Place value (10s & 1s)


Subtraction (no regrouping)


Subtraction (with regrouping)


Subtraction (from 100)


Type 2 – a range of different math problems in each product

With each of the following 10 products there is a single image to be revealed, and there are seven different math worksheets that each product the same set of numbers. In this way, children with different abilities are catered for. All the worksheets in each individual product result in the same image being revealed.


Mystery Picture Math instructions

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