Identify all the factors of the target number. Each card is followed by a summary depicting numerically and visually all the correct factors.

How it works

Each card in each of these BOOM Learning decks presents a number within a specific range. Select the numbers from the grid that are the factors for the target number (excluding 1 and the number itself).

Only once all correct factors have been identified will the card advance to the next in the deck.

If the number in question is a prime number, select ‘Prime’ and the deck will advance automatically.

Once all the correct factors have been ientified, a summary card then displays those factors as well as a visual representation of how they multiply together to reach the target number. For the number 24, for example, the summary card will show 2 rows of 12, 2 rows of 8 & 4 rows of 6. If the number is a square or prime number, that’s also depicted visually on the summary card.

Grades indication 3-6

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